News in 2012

December, 17 2012

Social Cloudburst

What happened on 14th December in America and China must have been a nightmare for many parents all over the...

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December, 13 2012

Compassion Is King

Some people have asked me questions about how to deal with fear, especially fear for evil spirits, fear for ghosts....

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December, 12 2012

Fear Not

Everyone seems to be very busy talking about 12th December and 21st December. I have been receiving a lot of...

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December, 10 2012

Amazing People

With the Pad Yatra in Sri Lanka postponing to March next year, I now have a bit of time to...

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December, 4 2012

My World, Our World

Most of the spiritual teachers or practitioners like us feel that spirituality has the answer or solution to every problem....

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November, 15 2012

Respect Is A Two Way Street

What is the meaning of “respect”? For most of us, we normally think about how do we get respect from...

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October, 16 2012

I Am The Best

If we spend some time to hear our own voice, I wouldn’t be surprised that we always say or think...

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September, 16 2012

A Beginner’s Mind

Can you remember the time when you were very small, playing in the garden or running around in a park?...

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September, 15 2012

Giving Back To Nature

Nature has always been very kind to us. We live on nature, or rather we are a part of nature....

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September, 12 2012

Homecoming Joy

Have you ever felt at home and familiar when you go to some places and meet some people? This is...

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September, 11 2012

Is There A Next Life?

To tell you honestly, I wish there isn’t a next life. One of my oldest students told me recently, “I...

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August, 20 2012

Another Reunion

At the invitation of His Eminence Takna Rinpoche’s representatives and 3 individuals representing entire Lahaul or Garsha, I have decided...

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