News in 2012

August, 18 2012

I Lost My Mobile Phone

I lost my mobile phone in a journey. I was very worried and upset for exactly one hour. I was...

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August, 14 2012

A Reunion

I wish I can find all the other great masters as easily as I have found my long lost friend,...

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August, 10 2012

What A Great Celebration

Every moment that I have spent here at Drukpa Plouray has been filled with great joy and pleasure. Firstly I...

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July, 30 2012

You Are Happy, Therefore I Am Happy

Visiting eastern Tibet was not exactly the easiest journey. Besides all the paperwork and traveling, the altitude could also be...

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July, 19 2012

Sit On Your Emotions

My apology for a long absence. It has been a very busy month of retreat and teaching, taking up a...

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May, 28 2012

Lineage and Samaya

This is the holiest lunar month in a year, started 7 days ago and today happens to be the sacred...

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May, 13 2012

Loving Our Parents

Our pen drive in our heart or our mind is sometimes very tricky, it stores useless information and throws away...

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April, 24 2012

Practising What We Preach

By now many of you, my friends and students, must be used to my crazy style, my horribly spontaneous way...

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April, 14 2012

Are You A Nut?

The community, the society and the world at large are made up of different sorts of living beings. Whether we...

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March, 31 2012

A Masala World

The world has become quite wild. Everyday what we hear and see are bad news, sad news and violent news....

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March, 29 2012

A Spiritual Test

The joy of being a guru is when he or she gives a test, the students or disciples pass it,...

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March, 25 2012

Mindfulness on the Trek of Discipline

Mindfulness is a very hot topic right now, as it seems. During my recent visit to United Kingdom, the subject...

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