News in 2014

October, 31 2014

Be A Good Example

  My beloved uncle, His Holiness Kathok Moktsa Rinpoche and I were having a great conversation about how these days...

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October, 23 2014

Genuine Buddhists Live A Colourful Life

In my decades of meeting and interacting with different people from all sorts of backgrounds, there seems to be a...

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October, 14 2014

Rimé is not a Fashion Statement

  Rimé or “non-sectarianism” is a very attractive terminology. Sometimes, people call themselves “Rimé” practitioners so that they are perceived...

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October, 9 2014

The Mystery of Samaya

The first thing we as genuine spiritual practitioners of Lord Buddha’s teaching must clearly understand is that: The Buddha’s teaching,...

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October, 7 2014

Abuse in the Name of Guru Devotion

Abuse in the name of guru devotion is a very common thing these days, especially among Vajrayana practitioners. In Sanskrit,...

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September, 10 2014

On Forced Conversion of Drukpa Monasteries

Over the last few days I have been receiving disturbing information from Tibet regarding the forced conversion of Drukpa Lineage...

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August, 28 2014

Living in Harmony

With so many programs happening, one after the other, I have not really had the time to share my thoughts...

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May, 30 2014

Celebrate Equality in a Practical Way

In spirituality, we emphasise a lot on the importance of interdependence, which is of course based on the universal law...

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May, 18 2014

Thank You India

It was definitely a pleasant surprise when I was informed that the Indian government was going to issue a commemorative...

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April, 23 2014

Conscious Living

In the history of both traditional and conventional medicine, we have read or heard about cases of successes and failures....

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April, 18 2014

Crossroads, Junctions and Roundabouts

When we were younger, we had more guts to take chances. Crossroads, junctions and roundabouts didn’t matter much, because we...

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