Every moment that I have spent here at Drukpa Plouray has been filled with great joy and pleasure. Firstly I can see the amount of effort Drubpon Ngawang has put in to make the closing ceremony of 800 years celebration successful. Secondly, my old friends and students, together with their children, have all come and participated in this spiritual celebration. It was definitely not an easy responsibility as we all know everything in Europe is expensive and the Buddhist population is quite low compared to other beliefs, and of course Plouray is not so accessible. One has to make quite an effort to come and join in this uncommon celebration. Uncommon because unlike other mundane celebrations, we don’t have a lot of alcohol, some are there as Ganachakra offering, we don’t have loud music, though some traditional drums and trumpets are there. We also don’t have disco dancing, though we do have some performances. It’s has been a great ten days of wonderful celebration, not so much because of the external presentation, but more so because of the sincerity, devotion and the aspiration to make this closing ceremony a success. Anything that you do with heart and more importantly without any selfish intention will be successful, whether you expect it or not.

We decided to start the countdown of Naropa’s Millennial Anniversary from Drukpa Plouray, together with the thousands of students who have the heart, devotion and dedication. Anything to be done collectively for the benefit of all beings really needs to have people supporting with selfless full heart. At least until now, I can’t see any one individual claiming credits nor making a big fuss out of individual contribution. Nevertheless, there is still a long way to go in terms of cross country and cross cultural communication, cooperation, appreciation and love. This is also the reason why I am daringly taking this opportunity announce the official countdown to Naropa’s Millennial Birth Anniversary, as a reminder of Naropa’s great deeds and commitment. All of us are his spiritual followers, whether we come from Europe, America or Asia. Generations after generations, we are connected again and again due to his enormous blessing and wish. We are connected in the past lives, this life and the next because of our strong wish to be enlightened for the benefit of all the beings.

From now onwards until 2016, whatever programs we are having, including ADC, my birthday, etc, will be dedicated for reminding us of Naropa and for celebrating the countdown of Naropa’s Millennial Birth Anniversary. After all, we are constantly celebrating. I was told there is a “Too Good It’s Friday” or TGIF weekly celebration with friends, there is a daily Happy Hour celebration. There are apparently different sorts of weekly celebration too, something they call the Ladies Night every Wednesday, that I often see whenever I am in Delhi. I don’t understand what are most of the celebrations about. Whatever it is, they must be gatherings of friends, family and beloved ones. So why don’t we celebrate everytime we have our gatherings too. Our gatherings can be presented in different ways to encourage all of us to treat life positively, to treat friends warmly and to treat our environment and other living beings with kindness and understanding. Kindness, generosity, warmth, appreciation, devotion, understanding, etc are great things and qualities to celebrate. Egoistically speaking, Naropa represents these positive qualities. Please join me everytime we celebrate Naropa’s Birth Anniversary Countdown.

Lastly, I would like to thank Mayor of Plouray who came and celebrated with all of us. Drubpon Ngawang, my beloved representative in Europe and all of you, my friends and students for making a great effort to join with me in these last 10 days of great celebration. Live webcast was done fantastically well, I hope the same team can help us with the 4th ADC. We will definitely meet again and again, celebrate again and again, as one of my students says… until cow comes home. Apparently it means “for a very long time”.

This is one of the best celebrations and programs that I have participated in Europe. Everyone should keep in a happy mood. With this happiness, I pray that we will meet again and again, to celebrate this precious life together.