Visiting eastern Tibet was not exactly the easiest journey. Besides all the paperwork and traveling, the altitude could also be an obstacle. I was very happy that none of delegates and guests had any problem during such a short and hectic schedule. The Live to Love team together with my own students and friends from Drukpa arm worked very hard to put everything together. I was even thinking that this could be my last trip to this part of the world. Who knows what kind of impression this trip could have made in the minds of others? People’s perception is a very funny thing, most people believe what they think, instead of the truth. But then again, truth to us may not be truth to others. This is the beauty of our complex mind, therefore I always say, “Everyone is correct… and yet, incorrect.” Correct from their own point of view and most likely incorrect from others’ point of view.

Despite the hectic schedule and the long journey, we managed to do many different things, especially helping the victims of the last earthquake. It was scary to see how much damage the earthquake had done. Almost nothing was left in Jyekundo or Yushu. Nothing! 99% of the people are still living in relief tents. If this is not a teaching of impermanence, then what is? I am proud of Live to Love, especially the Live to Love Hong Kong chapter who was able to fundraise for the distribution of the blankets and mugs. Particularly, I thank Kyabje Lhachok Rinpoche and his Asian students for supporting and organising the onground effort in Jyekundo. Nothing could have been possible without cooperation from everyone. Thank you!

One of the most important projects I have in this life, as you all know, is the Buddha Amitabha statue which was supposed to be installed on Druk Amitabha Mountain. The Buddha statue is now happily sitting in Nangchen, from the top of the world, he will be sending enormous blessing to all of us. I am very proud to be a part of this project and I am tremendously grateful to Kyabje Satrul Rinpoche for accepting this statue to be a part of the Ashoka Stupa project. We as lineage holders of the Drukpa order or the yogi sect wish for nothing except for the happiness of others. As the saying goes, “You are happy, therefore I am happy.” We all collectively feel this way and would like our activities to bring about happiness, joy and encouragement. I alone could not have done this and it is with the help of many generous sponsors and hardworking people that this project could come into reality. For anyone who has been able to contribute in any way, this is the greatest merit you can possibly think of! Congratulations!

Eastern Tibet had always been a great place where spiritual practitioners practised and attained enlightenment. Our beloved Drubwang Shakya Shri, one of the most respected and well-known yogis of our lineage, in fact came from Eastern Tibet. We are indeed very fortunate that we are able to visit these places and get the blessing by being physically there. After I left, I was told by so many people that at least 4 dragons came down from the sky and rested in Jyekundo or Yushu for a few days, before going back to the sky again. When I heard this from our Rinpoches, I could not believe it and they sent me some photos to prove this. I have decided not to show the photos here, because I remember last year when people were shown photos of Buddha in the sky and amazing signs in the sky during our visit to Vietnam, so many people gave nasty comments of disbelief, discouraging others to develop devotion. Since this is the kind of age that people do not have any confidence in devotion, so why should we bother to show and invite criticisms? We are in a very sad and pitiful age where we lack devotion and we criticise, not because we are eager to learn and check, but because our ego is so huge that doubts arise and block us completely from receiving blessing and from understanding.


The statue is a gift from all of us to the people of Himalayas. I don’t think anyone of us can say that we don’t have a role to play in the greater world. Each of us has the ability to help our community and to bring happiness to the beings around us. The people of the Himalayas need badly to be reminded that they are the guardians of the world’s rooftop. Nangchen, like many parts of Himalayas, is suffering from some major environmental issues. I could see non-biodegradable rubbish everywhere I went this time.

In a way, you can say that Buddha Amitabha has nothing to do with environment, but in another way, he has everything to do with keeping environment clean and green. If we are devout practitioners, and if we know that we should be keeping the pureland of Buddha clean, should we all not come together to ensure that the surrounding of Buddha Amitabha statue will be kept clean and free of non-biodegradable waste? This would be a great way to accumulate merit. Being eco friendly is a practice of Bodhisattva, we are saving lives by making the environment safe for living. I take this opportunity to urge my friends and students to do this on my behalf, in my absence!


Throughout the visit, I was really encouraged to meet with the late Kyabje Adeu Rinpoche’s students who demonstrated undivided devotion and determination to follow their Guru’s footsteps. I was ready to meet the present Adeu Rinpoche, Kyabje Satrul Rinpoche’s youngest son, unfortunately the conditions did not allow. I still do not understand the reasons why the government did not allow us to meet. I suppose every government has its own policies and rules that we have to respect. Anyway, I am constantly sending my blessings and love to the young Kyabje Adeu Rinpoche from wherever I am.

In a few hours, I will be landing in Paris… This will be another chapter to be talked about later!I was told that during our visit, Beijing suffered a storm that killed many people, it was a disaster that happened in 61 years. After we left, another storm hit Beijing. I thought this must be an alarm to wake us up to the danger of not being friendly to the environment. I hope and I pray that we will be able to progress together to promote an eco friendly way of living. I also wish that we will soon be able to organise a Pad Yatra to Mount Kailash, the holiest mountain in this world and to clean the mountain for the sake of all the beings. If this wish is fulfilled, obviously this wouldn’t be my last visit to China.