News in 2011

July, 30 2011

Impermanence, the Mark of Samsara

We just finished some parts of our programs in Ladakh. I could barely remember when we started, it felt like...

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June, 29 2011

A Talkative Me

Internet connection has been extremely good at Hemis, unheard of since history of Hemis started. I am quite proud to...

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June, 28 2011

Connection Is Surprisingly Possible

As you all know, I am back in Hemis, the holy monastery that I spent many years since age of...

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June, 25 2011

Bumping Along A Path Less Travelled

You must be quite surprised why suddenly I am appearing much younger. Some of you may think, “Oh, he must have...

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May, 29 2011

From The Depth Of My Heart

 Whether one believes it or not,   when you have met a great,   authentic and enlightened guru   and  when you are...

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May, 22 2011

Wake Up!

The retreat I had was very short, at least I feel that way. I came back to the world right...

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May, 2 2011

Karma Doesn’t Sleep

As you all know, there are many different types of karma. What exactly is karma? Karma actually means “activities”. So...

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April, 26 2011

Slow Down for Clearer Vision

 If you can remember, during the Pad Yatra in 2009, I started a “Turtle Club” for a group of my...

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March, 26 2011

Precious Life

Positive activities are needed to support our daily life and our mind. Without positive actions, our thoughts tend to be...

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March, 4 2011

Happy Losar

I have just arrived in Darjeeling after visiting Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche’s monastery in Mirik. As you all must be knowing...

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February, 19 2011

Superstition And Truth

The king of Ladakh, Trinlay Namgyal, considered to be one of the last surviving Dharma kings or Chogyal, has left...

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February, 14 2011

I Wish I’m Not A Buddhist

I had a wonderful time in Hong Kong recently, spending with my old and new friends. They are known as...

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