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Kyabje Do Drupchen

One of the greatest spiritual masters, Mahasiddha, Jigmed Thrinlay Odzer, was one of the principal disciples of Jigmed Lingpa, the great lineage holder of Dzogchen. The particular region where Mahasiddha Jigmed Thrinle Odzer stayed and liberated beings with his flawless presence of pure compassion is known as Do. As Drupchen in Tibetan language means Mahasiddha, (The great realised one) the two names put together became his title of veneration: Do Drupchen.

Tracing the lineage to the present day, the fourth incarnation of Do Drupchen was born in Gulok, very close to his main seat. Like all the Do Drupchens, he comes directly from the Copper Colour Mountain and returns there upon death until his next reincarnation. This was indirectly indicated when just after his enthronement at the age of three he spontaneously sang the Seven-Line Prayer and other invocations while smiling and laughing in the sweetest, most charming way which moved all the crowd who were there to witness the occasion.