29 Jun

A Talkative Me

Internet connection has been extremely good at Hemis, unheard of since history of Hemis started. I am quite proud to be able to do this. If I had known that Hemis has such a great connection, I wouldn’t have spent hours writing few paragraphs here and there to be automatically released over here, so that you will be entertained while I am away. Now, even before my next preparepared message comes out, I am already here sharing news with you. Isn’t this my karma?

I have a mixed feeling about this internet connection being available in Hemis. On one hand, I am very happy because some kind of connection needs to be there to support each other. On the other hand, having internet connection means some peace and serenity of Hemis are going to be diluted. I hope this will not be the case. We all need to try to preserve the peaceful atmosphere at Hemis for all of us. Many of us see Hemis as a place for our mind to rest. It’s better to be without internet connection, because such kind of connection has the tendency to make us very busy unnecessarily. We have to tell ourselves when to stop and when to use the internet. We should try our best to find time for ourselves. This is what I am trying to say. Anyway, I am giving myself only very limited time to say something here whenever I have a break, otherwise, I don’t bother to connect on internet.

Today, I have just finished 4 and a half sessions of the Vajra Yogini initiation, which was originally intended for the Rinpoches, monks and nuns. I did not expect to have lay people joining in the initiation. These days, Ladakh is very busy with tourists and the economy is very much depending on the tourism. Last year, many people suffered because of the disaster, I would think that most people would be very busy to make business and to recover losses. Again, Ladakhi students of mine always surprise me, though not many of them, about 4000 lay people came to receive initiation. I would say that they are very lucky to join together. There isn’t much space in the main temple. The temple was packed with monks and nuns, lay people have to be everywhere wherever they can find place to sit.

The vibration is very good and the atmostphere is superb. I am not being superstitious, as most of you know, I do not encourage superstition. Vibration, energy and this sort of things is very abstract and easily being misused by people who think and imagine too much. As genuine spiritual practitioners, we actually should not be thinking too much about this sort of things. If we feel good, great, if not, it’s also okay. I have met lots of people who always talk about aura, colours of energy, good energy, vibration, etc. Of course people like me know who is telling the truth and who is not. Unfortunately, most people have such a big ego to think that they are very special, so they have to imagine that they are seeing this energy, that aura. Some people really have such kind of skills, and they use that to make money or fool people or gain some sort of following. I don’t know where this will lead to, unless the motivation is entirely to benefit others. Genuine motivation to help others is the key for everything that we are doing. We can fool others, but we cannot fool ourselves, eventually karma will take its toll.

Back to this vibration business I was talking about. Why did I say that the vibration or atmosphere was very good? That is because I was being so talkative. I almost can say that I could not stop myself from talking. This must be a sign that the atmosphere is very good. If the vibration is flat or not very good, I would just read the holy text and I would not be encouraged to give different kinds of explanation of Lord Buddha’s teaching, the outer, inner and secret teaching. I could bearly finish 2 sessions of initiations in 1 day, in fact I was supposed to finish 3 sessions in 1 day. Anyway, I just couldn’t stop talking.

Wherever I go, if the atmostphere is not good, I would just read the text and say “goodbye”. For some traditional people, this is very good, because traditionally almost all the masters just read the text and give the blessings through the text. They cannot believe that ordinary people can understand the meaning or would be interested in the meaning. In my case, when I become talkative, that means the interest from the audience or the people receiving the initiation is very strong and genuine. When I am moody, that means the atmosphere is not good. I think in a way, this is a discovery for myself today. You all better be careful when I am quiet, better to leave me alone. Good luck!