27 November 2011

Looking Inward, Looking At Self

After almost one month traveling in Vietnam and Taiwan, more than 110 of us are now back, preparing for our next eco Pad Yatra.

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3 December 2011

Are You Ready?

In just a week, our next Eco Pad Yatra will start, from Mumbai to the sacred Sanchi stupa. More than 400 of us are now going to Mumbai, by batches.

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8 December 2011

See You Later

As we prepare ourselves for the forthcoming Pad Yatra, we are also preparing ourselves for a great time and excitement ahead. I am always thrilled whenever I think about being close to nature.

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5 February 2012

Better Late Than Never

Internet connection has not been working since we finished the Pad Yatra, due to some technical problems not resolved immediately.

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24 February 2012

Live Life Daringly

For years, many people have been complaining that I am not obeying the normal standards or the normal rules, which is true.

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13 March 2012

I am Lord Last Minute

Gate gate (like the mantra in Prajna Paramita)… everything is Gate Gate, going and going and going.

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25 March 2012

Mindfulness on the Trek of Discipline

Mindfulness is a very hot topic right now, as it seems. During my recent visit to United Kingdom, the subject of mindfulness popped up again and again.

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29 March 2012

A Spiritual Test

The joy of being a guru is when he or she gives a test, the students or disciples pass it, it doesn’t matter if they pass it with distinction or not, the most important is to at least see some positive progress and improvement.

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31 March 2012

A Masala World

The world has become quite wild. Everyday what we hear and see are bad news, sad news and violent news.

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14 April 2012

Are You A Nut?

The community, the society and the world at large are made up of different sorts of living beings. Whether we like it or not, we have to coexist with each other.

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24 April 2012

Practising What We Preach

By now many of you, my friends and students, must be used to my crazy style, my horribly spontaneous way of writing and doing things.

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13 May 2012

Loving Our Parents

Our pen drive in our heart or our mind is sometimes very tricky, it stores useless information and throws away meaningful information into the recycle bin.

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