30 July 2011

Impermanence, the Mark of Samsara

We just finished some parts of our programs in Ladakh. I could barely remember when we started, it felt like only yesterday that we were busy preparing for different sorts of activities.

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11 August 2011

Ladakh Loves Universe

Remember one year ago in Ladakh, we had a terrible disaster. The series of cloudbursts killed many people and ruined many homes.

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18 August 2011

Fearless Freedom

For many years, many people and organisations have requested me to give public talks in New Delhi and other parts of India

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8 September 2011

Departure of My Kind Teacher

Modern technology is allowing me to post short messages on my web, to connect with all of you, my beloved friends and students.

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9 September 2011

A Big Thank You

Nubra is a place that I feel very close to my heart. 20 years ago when I went there, many young boys and girls were there and there were no tourists.

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24 September 2011

The Devotional Connection

We in Sikkim, Bhutan and Nepal experienced 3 continuous earthquakes a few days ago.

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5 October 2011

By Causing Suffering, We Suffer

It was the 8th day of Lunar Calendar yesterday, a holy day related to Medicine Buddha.

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14 October 2011

Practice Has To Be Practical

If you notice, most of the so-called practitioners always practise and do virtuous deeds on special days.

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29 October 2011

About Friendship

There was a saying that Sey Rinpoche was the reincarnation of the 11th Drukpa. A photo from Apho Rinpoche that I just received suddenly reminded me about this saying.

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30 October 2011

Missing My Guru

My Guru has just left. We just completed 49 days of prayers and practice for him. I was thinking how it would have been if he is still around.

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18 November 2011

The Dragon Connection

While I am busy packing and getting ready for my next destination, I just want to take this opportunity to thank Vietnam – Vietnamese people and their government.

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26 November 2011

Happiness Because of Harmony and Understanding

It’s almost a week since we arrived in Vietnam.

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