Like most of you, I am too very busy running around, from one program to the next. I try to remind myself all the time, “Be grounded. Relax. Let it be.” I just want to drop a few lines to say that I am okay, I hope you are too.

Being okay or not depends on our state of mind. For me, one of the top secrets to be okay in this chaotic world is to keep in touch with nature. While we can be very busy externally, we must always remind ourselves to be grounded in the heart, in the mind. From time to time, I drag myself out of the busyness and go for a train ride (I love the train rides in India), or go for a walk. Take it easy.

We always have to be grounded to enjoy and appreciate Mother Nature, be it on the train or walking. This will bring more meaning to our life and build firmer and more grounded relationship with our surroundings and the beings around us. This will also prevent our ego from taking a flight, demanding more from nature that leads to more natural disasters, which are getting more prevalent these days. So, don’t you think we should always take the option to be more connected with nature, so that selfishly speaking, we will have less natural disasters. This will naturally lead us to have a happier, a more fruitful and meaningful life for the future generations to come.

I am taking a break from the fast track, now and then, are you?