23 Jan

Good Life, Bad Life, The Choice Is Yours

Because of impermanence, the Grand Wang or Initiation is finishing. In a way it’s very good, as this great spiritual gathering has been very successful. So one thing in our life is completed. But in a way, I am already starting to miss my Guru who is my beloved uncle and all my Dharma friends. After this, we all will take our own separate paths, we will have our own fates and our own ways to go and live our individual lives. Even though we would like very much to live and stay together, we don’t have the choice. That’s the typical characteristic of samsara.

I am however very happy to mention something here. Many of my Hong Kong Sangha came twice, the first time at the early part of the initiation and the second time at the end of initation, within one week! Several of them were trying their best to sneak out from their work and their bosses, even though you all know how fearful it is to leave the office, but they really put in a lot of effort to come. This is their good fortune!

As usual, I have strong belief in my Hong Kong Sangha, and my friends, Dharma brothers and sisters there. Once again, they showed very clearly their devotion and commitment to spiritual path with their presence in this very rare and precious occasion. Believe it or not, there was hardly anyone from foreign countries, except those Hong Kong Sangha of mine. This really means that this group of my Hong Kong Sangha are really the devoted ones. The others are trying their best too, but most of the time they fail. But some of the people don’t even try. So I have nothing to say except that I truly appreciate seeing this group of Hong Kong Sangha in the crowd.

Not only that, appreciation from me is actually a very minor thing, the most important thing is that to be able to participate in such a grand and rare initiation is a great opportunity and if I can say, an opportunity of a lifetime. It’s worthwhile to get it! For those people who failed to come and received this wonderful initiation, I feel very sorry. For some reasons, they have not much of great karma accumulated, so let’s hope and pray that they will not miss it if it happens again for the next time.

Some people even told me, “It’s so last minute, we cannot make time for it because we have this commitment and that commitment.” And so on so forth. We have lots of excuses when it comes to receiving the genuine and important blessing or teaching. But when it comes to going for holiday, having good food, having a good massage or entertaining friends, we don’t mind doing this sort of things last minute or spontaneously. We jump at this kind of opportunities with great smile and happiness. But when it comes to genuinely benefittiing yourself and genuinely creating the causes of happiness, then the excuse of “last minute” and “spontaneous without good planning” and all these different sorts of excuses come and block you entirely. So forget about benefitting others, you can’t even grab the opportunities to help and benefit yourself.

We always say that human rebirth is very rare and precious, why let chances slip by? In this sense, I always advise my friends and students that they have to be smart, they have to grab whatever opportunities that come and don’t give themselves any excuses to turn down all the rare opportunities. That is being calculative and stupid. I always see in this world that there are many of such people, sometimes myself included, whenever there are many chances flying over our heads, we are not grabbing it. Instead of grabbing it, we keep ourselves very busy doing nonsense and we just miss every opportunity. So those of you who might be from Hong Kong, who came for the initiation and who are reading this message right now, I really admire the way you put in such a strong effort in the midst of samsaric business, jobs and family and whatever affairs that you have. Thumbs up to you!

Therefore, whether you are happy or sad, whether you are living a good life or a bad life, you actually have a choice. Don’t blame others when you are suffering or when you are not living a successful life. Our inflexibility, our fear to step out of our own comfort level and our habit of giving ourselves ridiculous excuses are sometimes the main reasons for our unhappiness and our failures. My wish is to help those who are connected with me to break free from all these nonsense concepts and to be free. You cannot make others happy when you are not happy. Whether you are happy or not, it’s entirely up to you. You are your own boss!

Very sorry that I don’t have any photos to share with you all. If anybody emails to my office some interesting photos, later on I can upload them here. But right now, I am still in the process of receiving the great and rare initiation, busy concentrating on spiritual meditation, so I lost track of organising people to handle all the cameras, I even lost track of where my mobiles are and everything else for the time being. But I know for sure that I am having a great life!