8 Sep

Departure of My Kind Teacher

Modern technology is allowing me to post short messages on my web, to connect with all of you, my beloved friends and students. But it cannot turn back the time or bring back my beloved guru.

I am in a remote area in Ladakh, giving teaching and sharing my little knowledge. Thanks to the weather, sometimes my blackberry works, but then shocking news was there when it works this time. Just a few days ago, I dreamed that I lost my hat, and I couldn’t find it, plus I was feeling a bit down also. My students and monks were very worried, yet none of the doctors could help me. Later I received a message from my mom, left with my attendant about my beloved guru’s departure. It was then clear that becuase of my beloved guru’s departure that those dreams and signs were there. Ignorantly, I didn’t know anything.

It’s very sad news, but in terms of teaching of impermanence, it is typical of samsara. One day, all of us have to leave. The only thing that could go with us is our spiritual understanding, our karma and our merit. Everything else has to be left behind. Our beloved ones, hatred ones, belongings, positive and negative relationships, even our parents, our children… Each of us came to this world alone and will leave alone. Such a short life should be put for positve purposes, for helping each other and for keeping positive prints in our moments with others.

My beloved guru is a great example of love, kindness and compassion. Regretfully, I did not spend much time with him. He had moved so close to me physically, which was a great fortune for me. His encouragement and moral support were always there whenever I had doubts and confusions. Unfortunately, due to the hectic beneficial activities in Ladakh, it is difficult to pay homage in person and also to help out, though I know I am not needed, because other Rinpoches and great masters and whole world are doing their best. Nevertheless, I feel that it would be very nice or great for me to accumulate merit by serving him during this period of time. He did not leave meditation until a few days later, therefore the announcement of his departure was only made after that. I am fortunate that I had spent more than 20 years with him as his disciple and I really look forward to receiving him again soon.