31 Mar

A Masala World

The world has become quite wild. Everyday what we hear and see are bad news, sad news and violent news. Unless we are spiritually strong, we just end up filling our minds with all the negative news exaggerated by the media, by the gossips. Not only we add masala to our food, we add masala to our thoughts. We don’t know what is true and what is not. We sometimes become drama queens and kings, enjoying all the unnecessary attention. We sometimes intentionally make ourselves sick, because of wanting attention. We feel so unloved and lonely in a world of 7 billion human population, not counting the beautiful animals, the adorable insects and the amazing nature.

What are we doing to ourselves? Why are we doing everything to make ourselves miserable? All the saints from thousands of years of human civilisation have been telling us boldly and have been hinting to us that our happiness depends on others. But if you misunderstand that others have to make YOU happy, fulfill all YOUR petty wishes to make YOU happy, that is wrong. Our happiness depends on others, because when others are happy because of us, we are happy too.

Why not extend your love first? Why are you waiting there like a crying baby, demanding for others to love you? Are you lovable? Are you kind? Have you been unreasonable? Have you been unkind? To love yourself is to love others. Don’t do that with conditions, conditional love is returned with conditional expectations. Like a smart investor, invest for happiness the smart way. When your love is unconditional, beings as vast as space would love you unconditionally. Is this not a wonderful life? Is this not what we are looking for?

Spiritual practice is as simple as that. We chant prayers to make beings happy. Our positive vibration through wishing all beings well will calm even the beings who want our life, who desire our blood. This is the power of unconditional love. But we don’t know, so we suffer and we blame our suffering on others, failing to realise that we have been causing others suffering by creating drama, by consuming ourselves in a Bollywood drama that we take a role in. So we created our masala world and our samsara is full of masala.

Samsara is already full of headaches, causing me migrains to even think of it, why add more masala to it. Take it easy. Be free and happy, live as though you only have one life and you should make a great life out of it, by being kind, by growing your heart of love, by being more understanding.

Understanding is a two way traffic. But because we are always adding masala to our world, to our mind, we can only think and consider from our own angle, so when things do not work our way, we add more masala until tears come out. An overdose of masala makes us mad, makes us wild.

Whenever I look at this masala world and the people who live their lives with so much masala as if samsara is not complicated enough, I can only shake my head because I don’t understand. If you wish for happiness, why are you burning yourself in your imaginative masala world. Don’t be addicted to add masala to your concept, having concept is bad enough, having a masala concept is like adding Bhutanese chilli to Indian chilli, you will burn yourself.

If you enjoy to add masala to your life and to everything you touch, then don’t come to me, that means you haven’t followed my advice. You are making your life difficult and the life of others unbearable, so Bodhisattva practice has not grown within you. Then go back and practise again, look at your mind and take out all the masala now and immediately before your mind gets overdosed with masala.

Be a warrior of joy and happiness in this masala world. I now share with you my own home production with a little entertaining masala, I hope you won’t cry after watching my masala production!