14 Aug

A Reunion

I wish I can find all the other great masters as easily as I have found my long lost friend, Holy. Actually if you want to make a big fuss about miracle, finding an old friend among billions and billions of living beings that have reincarnated is a miracle, don’t you think so?

We are all reincarnations, taking the roles of different beings in different corners of samsara. This is also the reason why I always say that “samsara is a cycle, it goes round and round and round, we will meet again and again.” Samsara is also called cyclic existence. We are all recycled, in a way. This means that we have to be kind, friendly and helpful to each other, because hatred breeds hatred not only in this life but it may carry on and on and on endlessly in different forms. Love and compassion are the only solution to end this vicious cycle.

I was watching a video of what my beloved guru said when he visited Drukpa Plouray. He said that world peace doesn’t drop from the sky and doesn’t grow from the earth, it’s all in our mind. Human beings are the ones who are causing wars and sufferings, and to bring peace to this world and the universe, we human beings have a huge role to play.

Telling me his story in his language

When I met Holy again this time in Paris, he was ovelwhemed with joy, so was I. We almost couldn’t believe that we could meet again. It was a very sad parting. Holy became deaf and blind before he passed away the last time. He was very angry, full of remorse, because of fear and insecurity. My parents and I tried our best to take care of him, but he was living in complete darkness and silence. As much as we would like to reduce his pain and suffering, we couldn’t. We could only watch him suffer. That was a great pain for us too. Then he left us quietly. I was so sad, because I knew that he was going to be very lost. He didn’t have a chance to practise when he was alive, being a dog did not provide precious opportunities to hear the Dharma, to understand the Dharma and to practise the Dharma. “Dharma” actually means a transformation of our body, speech and mind, with this transformation, we can change our karma. Even though we met and lived together, my parents and I could not do much. This tells us how important and how precious our human life is.

For a few years, I was constantly thinking about him and where I could find him again. A few days ago, right after the programs in Plouray, I decided to extend one more day in Paris to look for a San Bernard. I have asked several friends to look for one in Asia right after Holy passed away, but they didn’t manage. So this one was just born two months ago. We should never ever think that animals are stupid and they don’t have any conciousness. They can recognise us, they can recognise their friends and enemies from the past lives. We can too. This is the reason why sometimes we naturally like some people and naturally dislike some people. This kind of karmic imprint has always been there, is always there and will always be there.

Friends, enemies, gurus, disciples, fathers, mothers, even your pets, your plants, the place you were born, brought up and everywhere that you experience different sorts of sceneries, people, etc are not coincidences. I never believe in luck or coincidence. Nothing in this universe happens because of chance. It’s either the cause or effect. This cause and effect that we call “karma” is the one that is taking us round and round and round, making us recycle endlessly. Sometimes in good conditions, sometimes in negative conditions. Because it’s our own creation, we have great opportunities to transform negative into positive. This is a miracle that is in our own hands. It’s only due to our lack of confidence, understanding and realisation of our own potentials, we got stuck here.

This time, I decided to bring back Holy and his brother that he seemed to be very attached to, to keep company. I am going to take my friend and his brother for the Sri Lanka Pad Yatra. I hope Sri Lankan government will allow me to do this and I hope that they don’t need a visa. I have to leave it to Live to Love India, our organiser, to help me fulfill this wish.

I am always praying from the depth of my heart that if I am able to help and benefit the beings around me, especially my beloved students and friends, let me always have the conditions to find them and bring them back with me. The only request if I may ask is they should try reincarnate closer to me physically, otherwise it would cost a lot of effort to bring them back to where I am. When they come into this life, it’s free for them, but now for me to bring them back to where I am, it’s very complicated. Quarantine, airtickets, injections are very complicated process in France.