20 Aug

Another Reunion

At the invitation of His Eminence Takna Rinpoche’s representatives and 3 individuals representing entire Lahaul or Garsha, I have decided to visit Garsha next month, to perform the hair-cutting ceremony of the reincarnation of His Eminence Takna Rinpoche. He is only one and a half years old. I do think that this can be a little too early, but many people have insisted me to perform this significant ceremony, in order to make sure he will live through the difficult journey, so I have accepted this request. I can understand everyone’s worry, because Takna Rinpoche is so precious and they don’t want him to go through any obstacle as he grows up.

This therefore is the news of another reunion that I would like to share. I only hope and pray that his parents won’t run away like what my parents did. My parents ran away to Nepal when the search party was looking high and low for me. Fortunately from what I learned, in his case his parents were quite pleased to know that their son was discovered by me to be the reincarnation of our beloved Takna Rinpoche. My parents were eventually dragged back to the scene of me being a reincarnation because of many high masters said that if they didn’t offer me back to my professional role, I wouldn’t have lived.

Reincarnations, after reincarnations, returning again and again, some of us with a purpose and even with means to control our rebirths. However, many of us just continue to take rebirth without a choice. In some of our lives because of favourable conditions, we are able to do a lot of helpful activities to benefit beings. In some of our lives, because of unfavourable conditions, we are not able to benefit many, not because we don’t want to, but we are not given a chance or having too many obstacles. Actually, sometimes we can even say that each reincarnation is the same, yet different.

One of my previous reincarnations, they call him the White Lotus or Pema Karpo, unlike me, was quite active and very successful. He was an artist, a doctor, a philosopher, a scientist, an astrologer, a writer and a great yogi, he was very good at each of these. Sometimes, when I look at his picture and when I read his biography and his works, I wonder what has happened to me. I don’t think I have “inherited” any of these skills.

Today, my nuns requested that I should give a teaching on Kunkhyen Drukpa Pema Karpo’s Drubthab Gyatso or “Ocean of Methods” one of these days. I then thought why not. Even if I don’t have any of his skills, I think I am familiar enough with his teaching style to be confident enough to share this knowledge or the Ocean of Methods. For the time being, after our Sri Lanka Pad Yatra, I will return to Ladakh to give this teaching for 8 days, not only to the nuns who have requested for it, but to everyone attending this. I hope this will benefit many of you.

Within a day, I filled up my schedule with two more programs. A visit to Garsha from 11 to 15 September and Kunkhyen Drukpa Pema Karpo’s Drubthab Gyatso between 19 to 26 of January. It is quite nice to be able to fill up one’s life with activities that can help others. Don’t you think so?