12 Sep

Homecoming Joy

Have you ever felt at home and familiar when you go to some places and meet some people? This is the karmic results or karmic imprint from our previous lives and our memories. Like our consciousness, our memory follows us from one life to the next. Therefore we meet people and go to places that we love instantly and also those that we feel uncomfortable with instantly. Sometimes, people call it intuition. I call it imprints. Only karma can perform such wonders or miracles.

Tsewa (Holy’s present name) was quite mischievous. He found a toy teddy bear in someone’s room, brought it to me and wanted me to accept it, so that he could have my dragon toy. I didn’t agree, and he kept putting the teddy bear on my bed, wishing that I would give him my dragon. The game went on and on for one hour. I was feeling very warm as this is the way we beings interact and connect with each other. These days, most people call this kind of interaction “a waste of time”. We don’t want to interact and communicate with people, because we feel that we don’t have the time. With this sort of attitude, we develop a habit of being impatient. Even when we pretend to be so kind and nice externally perhaps out of politeness or out of socialising and politics, deep inside our minds we don’t like anyone, we don’t like anything in the world. We are ready to complain. We are ready to find faults in others. This is not because we are unkind, but because in the name of not wishing to waste time, we find everyone and everything irritating. This is how we ruin our short life. Even though I said yesterday that having endless future lives means that we can make mistakes and have chances to change for the better, we still should not be wasting our life. Afterall, we won’t know whether we will be so fortunate to meet each other again or not.

I try my best to be fair, by understanding that everyone from his or her point of view will always think that he or she is correct. So with this understanding, I try my best to listen to everyone’s views, without making any judgement. When everyone says that this person is bad and horrible, I try to see the reasons why he or she is doing or saying those things. I also try to check the motivation of those people who tell me stories about others, whether the stories are good or bad, motivation is very important. In this world, we cannot be peaceful if we are not fair. This world is full of emotions and desires, everyone, including ourselves, has an ego. In a way, everyone is correct. In another way, everyone is wrong. This is why best friends can become worst enemies and the opposite is also true. This is the beauty of Universal Truth.

Our memories have many blind spots, whenever we discover them, they often give us pleasant surprises. When Tsewa met Wangdi, my relative, as he arrived, he was obviously overjoyed, Wangdi was one of Holy’s favourite friends. The amazing thing is that Tsewa or Holy could remember all his favourite friends. So, Holy finally returned again, in a different body. I decided to call him “Tsewa” and his brother “Gawa”. “Tsewa” means “love” and “Gawa” means “joy”. Everytime when I reunite with my Gurus, friends, my students or any beings that I knew from the past, I feel so thrilled. It’s always a reassurance about my strong belief in karma, and it’s because of “Tsewa” or “Love” that we meet again and again.

This is enough for now, to confuse everyone. I hope that all of you will have the joy of love in every moment of your life. This is how we get closer to our home, our spiritual home, like coming home to happiness.

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