28 Aug

Living in Harmony

With so many programs happening, one after the other, I have not really had the time to share my thoughts for quite a while. Time flies so quickly. If there is a means to slow down the time, I would be so relieved. Unfortunately, the nature of samsara like an unending wheel does not wait for us, it continues to run.

From Latin America to bicycle yatra in the Himalayas, meeting different people, and engaging myself in different activities. Everything went smoothly. I appreciate all the support from my dear friends and students. Despite having difficulties and challenges in their own world, I am very happy that everyone I know always tries to be a good human. This is such a rare gift. Disasters, conflicts, accidents, and strange epidemics are happening almost every other hour in different parts of the world. We should feel very fortunate to be safe and alive in our part of the world while keeping the less fortunate ones in our hearts and our prayers. A compassionate mind and a kind heart is at least a start to be a good human, and not only that, we should use our time and energy wisely, especially whenever our health and ability permit, we should at least try to help.

My father who has dedicated his entire life to helping me and my lineage has always been extremely active in supporting all of our activities. Of course, with age and weak health, he has not been able to do much, although I know that deep in his heart he wishes to do so. I myself being his only son am also trying my best to assist him to fulfill his wishes as a lineage holder of the kathak zhichen order. Between September 25 and October 3, I shall offer myself to support the 2nd zhichen tsechu that will take place in Bairo ling in kathmandu. I am thrilled that my very own uncle, his holiness moktsa rinpoche will also be presiding over this extremely holy occasion.

Having traveled from one country to another for so many years and have met many people, there is one thing I am quite certain, that is the most misunderstanding among all of us is due to an unwillingness to listen to others’ points of views. Each of us has our own idea and even if we don’t impose our idea onto others, we don’t accept others’ ideas. We just don’t. For us, “Difference is not beautiful.” I can say that each of us, be it individual or collective community, have our own agenda.

Our own agenda is always more important than others. Sometimes, I feel that we should put ourselves in the shoes of others and be a little more understanding. By developing this sense of understanding, we will be able to expand our hearts to include more and more beings in our thoughts. I think “Living in harmony” is such an important mission for each of us if we wish to be safe and happy living in this world.

For the forthcoming 6th ADC, I am proud to announce that his eminence gyalwa dokhampa has accepted my appointment as the chairperson. Both their eminences khamdrak rinpoches have also kindly accepted my appointment as the deputy chairpersons. We are very fortunate to have many enlightened reincarnations among us. Some great masters have multiple reincarnations because of their great aspirations. In this present situation we are in, I always feel that it’s better to have more great beings among us than less. We should accept happily without having any doubts and questions. Two reincarnations of a master is like your two eyes, both are equally important. Similarly, some masters have 4 reincarnations, some have 5 reincarnations. I really look forward to this forthcoming adc, led again by his eminence gyalwa dokhampa who was the chairperson for the 1st and 2nd adc. Since then, he must have accumulated much more experience in organizing. Let us all congratulate and support him and both khamdrak rinpoches. “Living in harmony” will be the theme for the 6th adc.

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