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Monastic Centres

Ralung, The First Seat of the Lineage

A shepherd of a village in Nyangtod of Tsang region of Tibet observed that a white she-goat always left the flock everyday when he went to graze his flock of sheep and goats. One day out of curiosity he followed the she-goat and saw it sprinkling milk on a rock. He went to the rock to take a closer look and saw the syllable ‘AH HUNG’ naturally formed on the rock. At that time Lingchen Repa (1128-1188) visited the village and the rock was offered to him. Lingchen Repa built a cave at the site and meditated there. Since then the place came to be called ‘Ralung’ or the place prophesied (lung in Tibetan) by the goat (ra in Tibetan). The holy rock was kept at Naphu Cholung, the main seat of Lingchen Repa.