I am the only son and, of course, they are the only parents that I have in this life, so I can very proudly say that we are three and this is the beautiful family that I have. This is mainly because we know the essential relationship among us; we know each other very well. Especially, we appreciate and remember the kind of love and care that we have had for each other as a basic knowledge. Therefore, we genuinely respect each other's opinion, even though we sometimes get to a point where we disagree with each other's way of looking at things.

The actual fact is, not only three of us are family members on this planet; all the beings are the members of a great family. It is only due to our forgetfulness that we cannot remember all the details of each other. For instance, if we are asked to tell what we had for breakfast last Sunday morning, no matter how intelligent we are, we will definitely have difficulty remembering exactly what we had and what to say. I often forget if I had a breakfast this morning at all! In my solid retreat, when there is no servant, I often have double breakfasts and meals due to my forgetfulness. Similarly, we have forgotten what sort of relationship we had, with whom and when in our past lives or even in this life.

The entire body of this world (universe) is based on various kinds of relationship between each other. Virtually no one has a way to survive in this world free of relationship. We have been in this world countless numbers of times due to our string of relationships and we are ourselves presently surviving based on these relationships. Some of us may have difficulty in agreeing with such things merely due to our individual religion or ways of looking at things. However, if one could follow the flow of Nature with no fanatical ideas of self-created beliefs, one would definitely be able to touch this point and be wise enough to comprehend the value of the great family that we all belong to. We would then be able to live like one family in this world with no misunderstanding of each other's needs and demands, and would appreciate the kind of love and care that we have gone through for each other as fathers, mothers, wives, husbands, lovers, sisters, brothers, uncles, aunties, etc.

All the little problems between us that are created by our own misunderstanding would definitely be seen as a secondary issue or for the sake of an excuse. I wish all of us on this planet would be able to live like my own family, the three of us, no extreme fears and hopes that cause our ups and downs, highs and lows in emotion.

Just Love and Peace!!