Thrinley Shingta, the 7th Gyalwang Drukpa, was one of a trio of the extraordinary Sarma patriarchs of that era, along with Gyalwa Karmapa, and Tai Situ Rinpoche of the Karma Kagyud lineage. He mastered all the Shangpa Kagyud teachings and was extremely active in assuring the preservation and promulgation of both the Nyingma and Sarma traditions. Thrinley Shingta wrote six volumes of philosophical commentaries and precise meditation instructions, and established many monasteries. As counselor to the king of Nepal, he restored the three principal stupas in the country: Swayambhunath, Boudhanath, and Namo Buddha. At Swayambhunath, there is a memorial rock describing the meritorious deeds of Thrinley Shingta.