Subsequently, at the age of four, attendants and tutors implored him with sweets and gentle talk to tell them where he had come from, to which he replied, "from the home of Guru Yab-Yum", and he described the attendant rainbow beings and their appearances, and admitted that their number and identities were confusing as, "there were so many of them."

Between the ages of four and five, Drupchen Rinpoche received many methods of meditation and practice directly through the mind-stream transmission of Dorje Phurba (Vajra Kilaya), He fluently delivered these teachings in spoken form but unfortunately they were not all recorded. However, some were recorded by an attendant and one realised abbot, Cho Chok, added a great commentary on it.

Although he had no need of purifying his own mind or accumulating any merit whatsoever, to demonstrate to beings the rightful path Do Drupchen approached numerous human masters for teachings, such as Ah Pang Terton , Choying Rangdrol and many other great masters. And he accomplished numerous Ngondro practices, years of retreat, and educated himself in all the common arts, sciences and crafts such as drawing mandalas, calligraphy, astrology, pottery, architecture and numerous other skills, all by the age of fifteen.

After this period, Jigmed Thinley Palbar, the 4th Do Drupchen, devoted his time to benefiting beings by giving teachings, initiations and blessings, amongst other activities. In 1957, He heeded a Dakini's prediction of forthcoming political events and left Tibet, making his way to India and Nepal by way of Sikkim.

In this new phase outside Tibet, Rinpoche never wasted time, dedicating his every moment to helping beings by his compassionate example, and continued to give teachings, initiations and blessings to thousands of devotees and practitioners in many places.

To this day, his presence remains the same: calm, humble, unadorned, simple and unassuming - yet profoundly beneficial. He resides at his main seat in Sikkim most of the time. We all are lucky that such a master is still with us and able to be approached. I have had the wonderful opportunity to seek his blessings of Dzogchen Nyingthig teachings and initiations and genuinely wish that many will have the same opportunity to receive his guidance. May conditions manifest for his longevity!